The Five Best Street Foods in India

Food plays a vital role in the identity of any culture. It has the ability to activate every sense in our body. It ignites memories creating a connection with friends loved ones, and community. Sampling the culinary delights of a country is one of the best ways to get a sense of what a country is about, their heritage and influences.

What is happening with Everest Advanced Base Camp in 2019?

To access Tibet you need three permits, a Tibet Travel Permit, Aliens’ Travel Permit, and then tourists also need a Frontier Pass (or Border Pass) Then, if you want to trek above Everest Base Camp, e.g. trekking to Advanced Base Camp (ABC, at an elevation of 6400 meters), Rongbuk Glacier, etc., you will have to apply for another permit, a Mountaineering License issued by China Tibet Mountaineering Association.