What is happening with Everest Advanced Base Camp in 2019?

Well, let’s cover some history first… the history of this area has been subjected to several issues over time.

For a start, Tibet is to be closed to tourists between 30 January 2018 and April 1 April 2019 as usual.

drepung monastery
What is happening with Everest Advanced Base Camp in 2019?

In 2008, some people were denied visas with no reason given and in addition, the border was closed unexpectedly for some time around the Olympics. Then on 9 May 2012, Tibet Tourism Board has implemented a new regulation limiting permits into Tibet and at the same time, Everest base camp Tibet was closed.

These regulations were then dropped on 1 November 2012 and base camp reopened.

Another thing to remember is that base camp may also be suddenly “shut down” due to some political activity that has taken place their, or because of bad weather. Such was the case when cyclone Hudhud released heavy snow falls at base camp resulting in it being shut in November 2014.

Then as a result of the earthquake in 2015 the main border was closed and only in 2017 the Gyirong Kerung border opening. To date, this is the only open road border between Nepal and Tibet

What is happening with Everest Advanced Base Camp in 2019?

Travel can also be restricted at certain times e.g. Tibet Travel Permits were restricted for certain areas during 3-12 September 2018.

What is happening with Everest Advanced Base Camp in 2019?

Then onto permits. To access Tibet you need three permits, a Tibet Travel Permit, Aliens’ Travel Permit, and then tourists also need a Frontier Pass (or Border Pass) Then, if you want to trek above Everest Base Camp, e.g. trekking to Advanced Base Camp (ABC, at an elevation of 6400 meters), Rongbuk Glacier, etc., you will have to apply for another permit, a Mountaineering License issued by China Tibet Mountaineering Association.

However, in 2018 the CTMA put a stop sale on permits to ascend above base camp with rumours that they may start sale for April season. However, this is not the case and so far; no permits are being sold for Everest advanced base camp treks.


*This does not apply to Summit permits, which is a whole different permit.

By Debra Bouwer

** We are not embassy officials so this is for a guideline only

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