What do you buy someone who is planning to climb Kilimanjaro?

Most people will have bought the bulk of their gear and buying gear for others can be tricky. And add to that the cost of gear so it really depends on what they already have plus your budget!

If you have an open budget then a good down jacket can never go wrong. In truth, a down jacket is not really needed on climbs like Kilimanjaro as the temperatures only justify it on summit night, but if the bug bites and they go on other climbs afterwards, this will become one of their favourite gifts!

An internal bladder pack is not too expensvie and beats having to fish out water bottles any day.

Buffs are one of the best gifts you can get as several buffs are essential. They stop wind, add warmth, work as beanies, hair ties…you name it.

ways to wear a buff

Ways to wear a buff

If your budget allows, an extra memory card for their camera. You can never take enough photos on the mountain

However, if you don’t want to spend a fortune – a few ideas which you can create a goodie bag with:

  1. Wetwipes – these are the nicest things to have on the climb and something many people forget
  2. Strings for their glasses and or sunnies. Many people take their sunnies off to take a photo and the next thing, they walk away without them
  3. Second pair of light weight inner gloves for the exact same reason as above
  4. A small soap and two round facial sponge (Not the big bulky ones, the small round peach coloured ones). They are ideal when it comes to washing your whole body in a small bowl of water
  5. Zip lock bags that carry about 1kg each, for damp cloths, muddy gaiters, dirty clothes etc.

Happy shopping!

Debra Bouwer

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