Everest Base Camp or Advanced Base Camp Trek – which is best?

We are often asked which is the better of the two treks, Everest advanced base camp from Tibet (north side) or Everest base camp from Nepal (south side). It really is not an easy question to answer as it all depends on what you are hoping to get out of the trek.

Advanced Everest Base Camp – 6340m

Tibet is twice the size of Texas or France, an average altitude of 4600m and the scenery is stark, arid, grey, yet permeated with the most incredible scenes of snow capped peaks and azure blue lakes. Combined with the culture of the Tibetan people, it leaves an indelible imprint on your soul. If you are wanting  to walk and sleep on glacial moraines, be enveloped by ice pinnacles and seracs, have magnificent views of Everest and reach a higher altitude than e.g. Kilimanjaro, combined with a connection to Tibetan culture, advanced base camp is your trek. It is also quieter with less people and is a camping route.

Everest Base Camp – 5545m

Everest-Base-CampEverest base camp trek on the other hand is a lower altitude than Kilimanjaro, but has diverse scenery from the green of the valley to raging rivers up to arid dry conditions and the gravely snout of the Khumbu glacier. Small villages are dotted along the way and you overnight in lodges. As such there is more cultural interaction on the route. The mountain vistas are vast and photographic opportunities, plentiful. It is also a busier route and can be done most months of the year.
So if you prefer to have a more of a feel of the mountains in general with what I call, “in your face” views, varying scenery, a glimpse into the
lives of the people who live in the Kumbu valley, EBC is your trek.

by Debra Bouwer

For further information email tours@nomadicadventures.co.za
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