6-10 January 2020

There is a beautiful Ugandan proverb that says…”Caution is not cowardice; even ants march armed,” and this was certainly the case when it came to the next 10 days. Originally planning to head to Murchison Falls, the guys decided instead to head straight to Kampala and get the spares for Morg’s bike as to push the bike too much further may have resulted in serious bike hassles.  At most they were already doing a maximum of 90km/hour.

Despite navigating bad road and potholes, the rolling hills and tea plantations were everywhere, along with lush dense undergrowth and many Ankole-Watusi cattle along the roads.

“It was such a mission getting here, hectic traffic all the way through Kampala, driving on the inside of the pavement etc.”

They finally arrived into Kampala, only to discover that the spares for the bike had not even left Lusaka yet! Enter the second famous saying in Uganda….”Ask help from the spirits after having used all your strength.” Of course the spirits intended did not come in bottle form but they certainly helped ease the frustrations, that and chewing on a few pesky deep fried grasshoppers for dinner.

Then finally on 9th January the message came through, “Okays, bike parts are en-route and they say it will arrive on Monday 13th, or day after, so we are heading back to Kampala.” When they got into town they managed to find a local mechanic to do the head job on Morgan’s bike, a nice chap called Ibrahim. He was working on a Yamaha of a Dutch guy called Rob who is also riding to Europe. He is going a slightly different route via Saudi. He is shipping across from the Port in Sudan to Jeddah, riding to Jordan and then Israel and then taking the ferry to Italy.”

Sadly come the 10th January Glenn had to head back to South Africa to return to work. “Well this morning Glenn and I parted ways. Glenn is riding back to ZA; a great riding partner, safe riding Glenn. It was sad to see him go. I am now in Kampala waiting on the  spares, they haven’t even left Lusaka yet and now they are telling me January 15th?

Bye Glenn and ride safe….

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Post by Debra Bouwer

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