1 January 2020

Morning report, “I must say every country has been wonderful and no hostilities anywhere. People are wonderful and friendly when we stop on the side of the road, and are quick to ask if they can assist. It’s actually quite humbling.”

Amidst the excitement of the knowledge that the spares for Morgan’s bike should be catching up with them from Lusaka, they aimed for a good clear run.  Now for those of you who are new to this blog, Wild African Quest post 5 reported “We have arranged for the spares for my bike to now go to DHL in Kigali, Rwanda, and we will pick them up at the depot, so if all goes according to plan they will be there by the time we arrive in the New Year. And so they headed north through the border to neighboring Rwanda and on to Lake Kivu.

The evening was spent on the shores of beautiful Lake Kivu overlooking the peaceful and serene landscape. It is one of the African Great Lakes, and is home to the world’s 10th-largest inland island. But this beautiful Lake is also holds a deathly secret. Lake Kivu is saturated with methane gas making it a killer lake along with two others in Cameroon. Nearby springs around a chain of volcanoes, also bring healthy doses of carbon dioxide into the water. Under normal circumstances, the gases would sit under the enormous weight of pressure from the water, that is, until the water heats up.

Lake Kivu has exploded before and no-one can predict when the next limnic eruption will be. However in a world first in 2015, a project called KivuWatt was started to extract Methane from the Lake

Rwanda is known as The Land of a Thousand Hills for good reason. It is home to massive national parks, three volcanoes, a landscape awash with green hills and the famous and endangered, Mountain Gorilla. As Morgan said, “Rwanda wins all the prizes so far for the best country, fantastic roads, friendly people and magic scenery, endless rolling tea plantations. I thought I was Valentino Rossie. If you thought Lesotho had good riding roads these are way better! Not a straight one for 120km.

It is like the south of France and French speaking too.” Glenn was amazed at the guys laden with Matoke, “These okes get up to a hell of a speed on the downhills with this load and we haven’t seen any accident yet.” Matoke is a type of banana used mainly for cooking when they are green and unripe and turned into a mash.

“Tomorrow we ride to Kigali and hopefully my spares will be there too.”

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Post by Debra Bouwer

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