24 December 2019

“We have just arrived at Mkushi. We found a nice little dive to stay for the night. Actually not too bad, called the Shalom Lodge, little chalets.

We decided to ride despite the hassles on my bike so we are heading up to the bottom South East corner of Lake Tanganyika, which I think will be the start of serious scenery and riding.

Shalom Lodge

We have arranged for the spares for my bike to now go to DHL in Kigali, Rwanda, and we will pick them up at the depot, so if all goes according to plan they will be there by the time we arrive in the New Year.

The bike is running fine except for the oil usage, so we are keeping the speed to 100max so that it does not chew too much oil.

Today in fact was the first day that wasn’t stinking hot but it looks like it might storm later.

Later that night we received a classic video clip of Glenn and Morgans dinner. The dialogue went like this…

“Okay so we sitting on the verandah here and we ordered our food about an hour ago and we wondered why it hasn’t come. So let’s take you for a little tour. We are going into the restaurant now and ….as you can see there is nobody and there is no food….So we walk a bit further to where we can locate the food. I am outside now and “there we see the food bustling away in the open courtyard on gas cookers. For those of you who never saw the clip, click here

Blog by Debra Bouwer

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