19 – 21 December 2019

Summer time on the Highveld and temperatures sour into their upper 30’s and the further north, the closer it gets to 40C plus. A long and very hot day in the saddle saw Morgs and Glenn heading to Heilbron at 09h00 for a quick breakkie and straight up through Zeerest and on to the Botwana border. As Morgan says, “the day was seriously hot with huge queues at the Lobatse border post. All the staff at the border were very friendly and there were tons of truck drivers, but being grossly understaffed made it slow going.  We then opted to take a nice detour after the crossing to avoid riding on the national roads and landed up booting along lovely straight red dirt roads. That was until I went pear shaped and landed up in the bush. But I still have all my limbs and everything intact so alls good. By 17h30 it was engines off at Mokolodi Camp site the other side of Gabarone for a well deserved beer.”

12 hours later, an early start saw them head for the border of Zim about 450ks away. Just north of Nata they stopped at Eselbi Camp backpackers, got some meat on the braai and finally enjoyed some down time.

Then the next morning a message came in, “after a quick 340km to the Kasana border, we’ve checked into the Thembe Safari Lodge and Camp site, and the bad news….is that my bike…has started to eat oil after the very hot day I think….and the engine ran hot for about 20 minutes with all the alarm bells going off. So the thing is, for us now, we just used 250ml of oil from Nata up to Kasana which is a big concern if the bike is chewing too much oil, and if you look on the back of the exhausts, you’ll see the oil leaking out of the top of the exhausts, which is indicating that there is a problem, internally with the bike. So we are going to strip it now and try and see if there is an easy quick fix. If not, we are going to have to use DHL from England….we will keep you posted.”


Well not only do these boys ride like the wind but they are super speedy and within an hour had already ordered the parts from England to be flown out via DHL on Monday 23rd December. A brand new 102mm Piston (Rosa) Rally along with cylinder head and base gaskets.

On this call for help a huge shout out to 
Lyndon Poskitt for taking the time out to assist with sending the spares for the 690 Rally, this is the go to man for anything to do with our legend 690 Rally motocycles. Also to Luke at Protec Racing in Lusaka. 

Biker Neil Vorano once said, “massive torque is your frenemy with the KTM 690 Rally.”

So while they had some down time, and given Morgan’s red faced dirt plunge the day before, Glenn decided it is time to get Morgs to practice picking up the bike. “There is a technique” he said, to which Morgan let out a string of expletives about the lack of technique, and the weight of the bike. Lifting a bike off tar is one thing, but a lack of traction in the sand and a dry weight of around 146kg, saw Morgan pushing, sliding, slipping and grappling against gravity, the hardship of which was greatly rewarded with a beer at the pub and a sunset over the Chobe River.

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